From my very first course here at Shaw, I have always believed that breaks are important, and breaks with something delicious to eat are doubly so! I make my own brownies and cakes with the best ingredients I can find, and make sure that fresh coffee is there for those who want it, and good quality tea for those who prefer.

Lunch is a time to relax and discuss all sorts of things from our various projects to the state of the world. We go across to the dining room for a simple farmhouse lunch of soup, which I make each day with fresh vegetables, served with a selection of breads, cheese and fruit. I invent some soup recipes and delve into cookbooks for others, and while they are always vegetable based, there’s plenty of variety over the three days.

Special diets are no problem: I am quite used to avoiding dairy, wheat, tomatoes— the soups simply become another challenge, and I have a selection of goat and sheep’s cheeses always on hand.

Coming on a course here should be like a holiday: eat well and have fun!


“I do hope it’s mushroom soup today”