DOLLS HOUSES for sale:

Please note! The gallery is not up to date at the moment. At the sale I sold several and I hope they are gone from the gallery, but there are a lot more to go up. The photographing is tricky, but I hope to finish this job soon, Several nice Triangs to come. Once done, I will post the news on Facebook.

There are still many houses in all scales here for sale for CRUK, some visible in the gallery with a link below. Once you reach the gallery, click on each house to see larger  images, with one of the interior plus a page of sale information (price, size etc).  You are welcome to come and look at any house as long as you call me and make an arrangement to visit.

View the gallery

Total amount raised in 2018: £18,290

The sale that we held at the end of last year raised £6370, a record.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped with donations, pricing, selling at shows and setting up the sale, which takes several days of hard work.

Miniatura: This Spring we made £5580. Enormous thanks are due to the Hopwoods for providing a large table every time, free of charge. I am also very grateful to everyone who helps during the two days.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: NEXT SALE will be on Sunday, October 27th, from 10:30 to 2:30. Visit us at Miniatura too, where we have a wide range of miniatures of all kinds and scales, many vintage items and superb quality furniture that is no longer made.


There is a map on this website on the Contact page. Entry and parking are free, and there is coffee, tea and biscuits available for a small donation. Please come and support the charity!