DOLLS HOUSES for sale:

I am in the process of photographing and measuring all the houses that I now have. Any that have sold have been removed from the gallery, and the prices of those that remain have been updated. I hope to get the new houses up very so0n and once done, I will post the news on Facebook.

There are still many houses in all scales here for sale for CRUK, some visible in the gallery with a link below. Once you reach the gallery, click on each house to see larger  images, with one of the interior plus a page of sale information (price, size etc).  You are welcome to come and look at any house as long as you call me and make an arrangement to visit.

View the gallery

The sale that we held in October 2019 raised £3628

Total amount raised in 2019: £11,768

Since our first Dolls House Fair we have raised: £342,259

Huge thanks to everyone who helped with donations, pricing, selling at shows and setting up the sale, which takes several days of hard work.

Miniatura: in the Spring of last year, we made £5408, but this dropped sharply in the Autumn to £2635  because I had broken my wrist during the move to my new home across the yard, so we were not able to get as many miniatures as usual up to the show.

2020: Spring Miniatura was cancelled because of Covid19, as most of you know. There are still plans to hold the event in the Autumn, on September 26th and 27th, at Stoneleigh Park, but check their website nearer the time. If it can go ahead, then I will be there as I have many boxes of things priced to sell!


The Sale this Sunday is definitely going ahead and is already set up!

Please read through this little leaflet and note that it only runs for two hours, from eleven to one. For entry and parking, turn up the drive (sign to Shaw Farm), and at the top turn left to Little Shaw. The barn is very high and has two big doors either side, but


Also, there will be no facilities for tea/coffee and unfortunately no toilets because builders are using the usual one.

I hope to see many of you and that you will enjoy this year’s limited sale!