Covid 19

It seems to be clear that no courses will be possible for some months, though I had three in place before the virus took over. I was unable to run them last year, mainly because of my move to the new house, now called Little Shaw, with a new entry although a second door faces into the farmyard. To make things worse, I broke my wrist just as I moved, so that put paid to any hope for Autumn courses.   Watch this page for updates, though I will most likely email everyone on my list from time to time, with any further news.

On my own General Courses you can decorate and electrify your house, make a Christmas or nursery room box, assemble kits, or make furniture from scratch. I’ve had many years of experience as maker, writer and teacher, and with classes limited to just six students, you will make lots of progress in the three days.


Paul Wells ( is internationally known for his model-making which includes working models of the Cutty Sark and the Wimbledon cover for their respective museums.  In between these commissions, he makes dolls houses and roomboxes in 1/12th and 1/24th scale and teaches courses.  He is a lively teacher and students learn resin casting and work with metal, plastic and card, to create an original miniature scene.

Diane Harfield’s cold porcelain miniature flowers and foliage add freshness and realism to any miniature scene, inside or out. Garden scenes, living rooms, garden rooms and garden buildings will all benefit from Diane’s inspirational teaching.

General information about courses